Monday, August 10, 2009

Medina River Natural Area & Greenway/San Antonio, Tx.!

I went for a walk/hike with my sister down this hike/ bike trail by the Medina River. Upon entering this Natural Areas environment, there was this warning posted, about what we may encounter, that made me think twice about walking through there but we did it anyway and it sure was fun! I happened to have my camera with me so I took photos of the trail. I kind of liked these. Enjoy!


Blogger Divemuster said...

Hi Sandra! Wonderful to see your comments and these beautiful place you share. Those trails look so peaceful and serene.

I hope all is well with you. It is great to hear from you again.

Take care & smiles to you always.
Warmest wishes,

8/11/2009 1:21 AM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Thanks Dive!! I've been missin' ya tons!!

Sunshine and smiles headed your way!!


8/11/2009 1:27 AM  

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