Sunday, May 20, 2007

South Padre 2007!!!! Summertime is almost here!!

We visited South Padre Mother's Day weekend! Here's a few pics from last weekend! Enjoy! I tried to take pics of some different things. The one with the bag and the shoes shows you don't need much to relax and soak in some sunshine out there! ; ) A belated 'Happy Mother's Day!!' to all those who so proudly can be called, 'Mommy' by their little loved one's in this world, especially the one's I've come to know through blogging...Tanya, Saffron, Ana!! In about 7& 1/2 days I'll be able to enjoy a little vacation time with my little boy and my little girl!!! I can't wait!! I'll post a few more of this weekend, soon!! ; )

Luv, smiles, hugs, happiest of thoughts, and sunshine to all!!!,


Monday, May 07, 2007

The Tropical Tip of Texas!!


I took my first steps on that beautiful tropical tip of Texas a couple of weekends ago beside The Gulf of Mexico! It felt sooo good! I'll have to try that horseback riding along the beach and through the sand dunes someday! It sure looked like fun! I thought it was funny how they just rode right past some onlookers on the beach. The kids enjoyed themselves. I took them in regular clothes to try and get some pics of them. My daughter wasn't too happy about getting her pretty little skirt all wet. ; ( I sure enjoyed the peacefulness and the sunshine that day. It's always nice taking a stroll along the beach. Searching for shells to add to our collection is always fun, too! Hope you enjoy the pics! I didn't try too hard but I thought these pics were nice enough to share. ; )

Just thought I'd share some Texas sunshine!