Monday, July 23, 2007

King Ranch...Kingsville, Texas!

I also visited the famous King Ranch while there! King Ranch is a historic ranch located in South Texas between Corpus Christi and Brownsville. It's one of the world's largest ranches! It was so beautiful!! I didn't take the tour. I just shot some pics of the entrance. Enjoy!!

Love and sunshine from Texas!!,


Texas A&I University (presently A&M), Kingsville, Tx! GO HOGGIES!!

Hey All!,

I visited my college Alma Mater recently. It was nice! The pics show the view I had from my dorm window. My dorm room was the 5th window from the left on the 2nd floor...very cool visiting it again! I attended a small town college and high school. I'm just a small town girl! Enjoy! ; o )

Love and warm sunshiny thoughts headed out to my buds and budettes...heehee!


Sunset at South Padre '07!!

Hello All!!,

Just spreadin' some Texas Sunshine!!

Luv from Countrygirl! ; o )

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Love You Daddy and Roggie!!

Photos ©2007 Roger R. Lopez, La Vernia, Texas (First three pics only...the last two are mine...heehee!) Thanks for sharing, Roggie!! Those trees!!! Those GORGEOUS trees!!! What a beautiful place to enjoy a picnic and just soak in Mother Nature's beauty!!

Hey Guys and Gals!! I can't believe that I started this blog about a year ago and ended up posting every month except for this past June. I guess my Summer vacation just kind of took over. Moggs, Dive, and Ladyhawk, thank you so much for the sweet messages. I responded to all of them. ; o )

These photos are from a recent trip to San Antonio, Tx. My Father had an episode with his heart on Father's Day and so I drove to San Antonio, with the kids, to go and see and spend time with him. Thank goodness, everything turned out GREAT!! He is doing well. He gave me a scare but he is doing well and is home now. I ended up spending a whole week there with my family. We enjoyed some wonderful times together as a family. It's rare that my Father can have all four of his children together with him. He thanked me for going and spending time with him and for just being with him. I love him so.

My brother, Roggie, is the coolest!! I also got to spend some great times with him. We like, never, get to go and have lunch, just the two of us. Well, during my stay there, and once we knew that my Father was going to be okay, Roggie treated me to some sightseeing in Downtown, S.A. and also treated me to lunch at this beautiful restaurant called The Guenther House ( a historic home, museum, and restaurant) a part of the Pioneer Flour Mills along the riverwalk . We had the greatest time chatting over a wonderful lunch overlooking such a gorgeous atmosphere. Thank you Roggie, for being who you are!! I had the greatest time spending well deserved time with my family.

I don't wish to be out of the circle. I love this new circle that I have become a part of. Thanks for soaking in my pics and enjoying them. It makes me feel good to make someone else feel a little happiness.

Take care!