Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Good Morning Sunshine!!

Here are a few more shots of the same sunrise in Port Isabel this past July. This was the only morning I was able to take a pic of the sunrise in the past 6 months. It sure was a beautiful morning!

The last pic is from this past weekend. I took a drive to the island to try and get a good shot of the sunset over the ocean but I didn't have any luck so I gave in and stopped at the famous spot everybody stops at to take pics. Enjoy! Bye!

Monday, September 25, 2006

For Others Far, Far Away...a few more

Anthony, thank you for your encouragement to start this blog, for your kind words, for your compliments and for your encouragement for me to continue! Thanks! Have a fabulous time at Yosemite National Park in California! Can't wait to see your phenomenal pics on pbase! Be careful on your hike up Half Dome! Moggie, Whisky, Divemuster, and Tanya, thank you so much for all of your kind words, for your compliments and for your encouragement for me to continue posting! Thanks everyone for being so sweet to me!

I like the rays of the sun in this shot. I spoke to my Mom alot while up here...funny huh?

MGM, where we stayed, absolutely gorgeous!

Hey Rog, I think this is about as close as I will ever get to seeing the Statue of Liberty! I wish I could've joined you guys in New York! Wow! So happy you had a great trip!

Moggie, I posted more pics of Vegas just for you! It made me feel so good when you asked me to please post more! Thanks guys for all of your lovely comments! They have made me feel really great! Thanks for that! :)
Divemuster, I hope you like this shot! I posted this one for you! After looking at it again and again, and after the comment you left on my other shot, I thought this one was kind of pretty, too, and thought you might enjoy this shot also! Thanks!

Only in Vegas! That's all I have to say about this pic! Enjoy! Bye!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Couple More of Vegas...

A pic from the Luxor where we saw Pat Benatar and Paris and the Eiffel Tower. We only got to see this one from far away. We didn't get to go inside of it. Maybe next time. I sure am looking forward to the next time that we get to visit this beautiful city! Bye! Hope to post something new soon!

The Wynn Hotel & Casino

I thought this was the most beautiful hotel of all the ones that we got to see. I loved all of the mosaics on the floor, all the flowers, all the brilliant colors, and the waterfall. Everything matched! Even the shuttle bus matched the flower theme! I just thought this place was too beautiful not to share. What a view from that patio! Check out the gorgeous bar! Enjoy! Bye!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Viva Las Vegas!!!!

I'm going to share my pics of Vegas a little bit at a time because there are several that I would like to share. I had the best time! Enjoyed good food, did some sightseeing, did some shopping, caught a concert (Pat Benatar), and had just an overall wonderful trip! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and a little cool!! Everything looked so beautiful during the day and the night. This was only my 2nd time flying out of Texas, first time was 6 years ago also to Las Vegas before I had my kids and before 9/11 so that's why this trip was such a big deal for me and that is why I was panicking a little...okay alot. I'm not particularly fond of flying. These flights, thank goodness, all turned out great!

I really liked this shot. It was when we had just left the airport in McAllen and were heading toward Houston, Tx. I thought the clouds were just gorgeous!!

Here I was trying to get a pic of those beautiful mountains. I think these two came out okay. I had to take the shots from far away. I couldn't get any closer.

This one is a shot of the Grand Canyon from up above on our flight leaving Las Vegas and heading towards Houston, Tx. There was alot of turbulence on this flight. I kept thinking OMG, OMG, please let me make it through this without getting sick and without panicking and thinking that something terrible was going to happen. We ran into a little rain but everything was okay. I talked myself out of feeling that way and everything was fine. I managed to continue to take shots of the view. Enjoy! Hope to be posting more of Vegas soon! Bye!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Hidden Ranch

To my surprise...I accidently found this slice of heaven! I was invited to a girls night out by a friend who lives in a beautiful subdivision kind of out in the country. They don't live the country life. They just live on a grand piece of property. Anyway, I was a little early so I decided to drive around the neighborhood and took a little detour and to my surprise..Wow..I stumbled upon this little ranch hidden away in a corner. You can even see a red barn in the distance. Gorgeous totally my kind of place and so close to my work and I didn't even know it. I think I'll take a cruise by there every once in awhile now. I want my kids to know what it is like to grow up out in the country. Maybe someday my wish will come true. It was so beautiful and peaceful and completely surrounded by trees and open land! I was so amazed to see the beautiful horses. It is a rare thing for me to be out and about without the kids on a weeknight so I enjoyed my drive alone on this rainy day. I finally made it to the gathering and had a great time.

Rainy Morning Sunrise

Yesterday morning as I stepped out of the car to walk to my classroom, I looked up and thought the rainy morning sunrise looked kind of pretty so I took some shots of it. I took several of them and I thought these were the prettiest ones. We finally got some much needed rain. It was fun! It was a great start to my day!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Beach Time Fun!

Just sharing some more pics that I liked from the past couple of weekends. I know I take alot of pics of the ocean waves. I just think they are so beautiful. One weekend the ocean was nice and calm and in the distance you can see there was a sailboat sailing away and then the next weekend..Wow..the waves were wild and beautiful. I was amazed with the sandcastle that this family built. I thought it was kind of different and cool. I know that there is a Sandcastle Days at the island and a Kite Festival also so hopefully we will make it out there to check these festivities out this year. It'll be a great time to take some pics to post. That'll be something to look forward to. Hope to post something new soon! We'll see what I can find that's interesting to take pics of.

Rainy Day Skies in Port Isabel

I am so sad. The rainy day pics kind of show how I feel. I just want to break down and cry. It has been sooo beautiful spending the weekends here in Port Isabel this summer. I don't want it to end but our time here is almost up. Here are a few more pics to share. Last weekend I spent the weekend at the beach with the kids and it was just absolutely gorgeous out there. We built sand castles, splashed around in the water and took some pictures. This past weekend it was raining so we didn't make it to the ocean but it was still beautiful sitting outside and enjoying the view at the resort.