Saturday, January 27, 2007


...about how life can be so beautiful and yet so sad at the same time. Home...I used to be able to wake up and look out these windows every morning and see the open land and hear the roosters crowing early in the morning. I miss it.

The other is a pic of my Daddy's driveway. I can't wait to open that gate and drive down that driveway and see him and give him a hug. He'll be turning 75 years old this month.

About my baby boy celebrates his 7th birthday and here I am letting stress get the best of me. My little girl had a birthday earlier this month as well. Anyway,I tried to do a little something for my son on his birthday today. I know that he wanted to spend some time with his little friends. I get really weirded out having to be the center of attention so I was trying to avoid a big party. Anyway, we decided to go ahead and invite some of his little friends to a pizza party. It turned out okay. I didn't have any of my family members with me. They live too far away and had other plans anyway. I was a little down that I couldn't have any family members with me and so I called this very good friend of mine and she told me, "Don't worry Sandra, everything is going to turn out just fine. Your son is going to appreciate what you are doing for him and he is going to be really happy!" Of course, when I hung up with her, I instantly felt like crying because she couldn't join us either. Anyway, everything did turn out fine and my son had a great time! That is the most important thing. You know before I had my son, I didn't think I was going to be able to even have children and it was getting really depressing and then I was blessed with twins but only my son survived. I lost the other baby really early in the pregnancy.

Well, let me tell you, 7 years ago, on this very day, my son made me the happiest woman alive!!! I love him so!!!

---The whole point of sharing all of this...I was reminded today not to take things for granted and really appreciate what life has to offer.

As I was loading my son's birthday cake into my vehicle this morning, I noticed this man walking alone down the street and immediately thought, of course, please let him keep walking and let me do what I need to do. Well, he did, but not without wishing me a good day. He said, "Morning! How's it going?" or something to that matter. I thought maybe he lived around the neighborhood and was just taking a morning stroll so I replied, "Morning! It's a nice day, huh?" and he replied, "Yup, sure is, but it would be a whole lot nicer if I wasn't homeless." And then just continued on his way. Needless to say, no words could express how I felt at that moment.

---Guys and Gals, thanks for all of kind words, visits and lovely posts that you share daily!! They really mean alot. I only wish the best life has to offer for all of you!! You sure do know how to make me SMILE!! ; )

Sunshine and Smiles to all of you, always!!,


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

For Tanya!

I had this pic on my profile. Tanya told me, "I'm lovin' that ol' truck!" Here it is for you, Tanya! My Aunt and I walked to the back of her place on Christmas Eve and took some pictures in the rain, under an umbrella of course. This 1950's Chevy truck belonged to my Uncle. I remember when he used to come over to our house with a crop of watermelons in the back of this pick-up and unload a few for us. They were always so yummy! That wire going across is an old clothesline.

Anyway, I kinda liked these pics so I thought I'd share them.

Happiness and Sunshine to All!,


Monday, January 22, 2007

Rog Doin' What He Loves!!

"Roggie!!! Caught you in action surrounded by the one's you love (your little helpers)! You rock at this kinda stuff! You've always loved it and I'm so happy that you still get to do this every once in a while!"

Rog has always been our music man and photo guy! He loves it! This shot was taken at a good ol' country bumpkin wedding out in the country on December 23, 2006. He did this as a favor for a long time family friend who was getting married. We've all grown up being entertained by Roger and photographed by him as well! He's extremely intelligent and talented and cool! Love ya, Rog!! Keep on being cool! You are very good at it!

Your sis',


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tiny Helping Hands!

YUMMO!! Tiny hands and tiny baking tools helped bake Mom's famous homemade oatmeal cookies today! Tradition is that I only bake these cookies in November, December and January! I now have tiny hands that can help me. Too much fun and, yes, they are really yummy!! That's exactly why I can't be making them just anytime of the year...heehee!

Smiles to All!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Farewell, Mogwai!

Andy, I tried to catch a pic of a rainbow for ya on Christmas Eve. You can barely see it but I promise you, it's there. I was thinking of you when I was trying to capture it. I know you will be missing your best friend terribly. I hope your smile will return to ya soon. You are dearly missed by your friends as well.

Take care!,