Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Carbine (Anthony)!!!!

Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dearest Anthony!! Happy Birthday to you!!! And many, many, many, many more!! ; )

Great big bear hugs being sent your way all the way over there in L.A. from this Countrygirl in Texas!! Happiest of birthday wishes going out to someone with an adorable personality and magnificent talent!!!!! ; )

Cheers to ya, Anthony, for being who you are!!!!



Birthday bear hugs also going out to Ana, Moggie, and Rachel as well!! I'm not sure but I think Bruce may have also had a birthday?? Bear hugs goin' out to ya anyway if I'm mistaken..heehee! ; )

Catch you guys and gals later!! I hope you like the pics! ; )

Monday, April 09, 2007

Texas Bluebonnets!!! (Roger's pic)

Photo ©2007 Roger R. Lopez, La Vernia, Texas

The birthdayboy, a countryboy who happens to be my big brother, sent me some pics of what I adore the most about Spring...Bluebonnets!!!!! He is an avid cyclist who participates every year in the Easter Hill Country Tour, a bike ride in Kerrville, Tx. He shared with me that the bluebonnets are lush in that area right now! He also shared some awesome pics of them with me. Check out his pics, they are wonderful! I hope to take some pics like these, if not this year, for sure next year, no if's, and's or but's about it! I am going to plan ahead and make a special trip to the Texas Hill Country the first week of April to snap some photos of the Texas Wildflowers that are so abundant in that area!!! ; )

Thanks, Rog, for always knowing just how to make me smile and for always being such a cool big brother! I love my other older brother just as much and am anxiously awaiting some pics that he's taken as well. They both love photograpy and are really amazing at it!!

Love and smiles!!,


Happy Birthday, Countryboy (Roger)!!!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dearest Roger, Happy Birthday to you!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day, this 9th day of April!! This tree is blooming really pretty right now! It was a tiny little thing when I first planted it a few years ago.

Thanks sooo much for sharing your bluebonnet photos with me!! If it's alright, I'm going to post one of them to share how cool you are...heehee!

Love ya lots!!,

Your lil' countrygirl sis' Sandra

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tiny Blossoms That Smell Sooo Good!!

I absolutely love the beauty and the scent of jasmine!! I adore jasmine!! It also happens to have some sentimental value for me as well!! It's a constant reminder of fond memories I hold deep inside. Every year I anxiously await for these tiny little blossoms to appear! I get the best feeling inside everytime I smell the scent of the jasmine. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! ; )

An early HAPPY EASTER to everyone!!!

Love, sunshine and smiles from Texas!!!,


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Country pics!!

The Livestock Show in Mercedes, Tx was a fun time!! Here's a couple of pics of some beauties we saw there!! I love piggies and cows and oh, Lite beer...heehee!!

The next two were from a trip to a friend's ranch in the valley. Pictured here is a field of bluebonnets but the picture doesn't do the bluebonnets justice. The bluebonnets were beautiful but it was hard to get a good picture of them because it was private property and I couldn't get close enough with my little pocket camera. ; ( Anyway, all of the blue looks much better in person! I'm still going to keep trying to take the pics that I really want to take!! ; ) Wish me luck!! The second pic was on the ranch. It was absolutely wonderful spending the day out there!! I loved every minute of it!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville, Tx!!

Hey!!...Hello!!...Hi!!!! The wish has been granted!! ; ) I hope you guys and gals enjoy them! ; ) These are some pics of my most favorite animals at the Zoo...gorillas, orangutan's, flamingo's, pigme hippos, rhino's and giraffee's!! I love to go and see these guys! The only favorite missing is the Elephant!! I absolutely love to see the elephants but sadly, this Zoo no longer has any. ; ( They shipped them off to another Zoo. I don't know why?? I really missed seeing them. They are sooo beautiful!! I've really missed blogging. I had to quit for a little while. Life got a little busy. ; ( I do love all of the comments and the encouragement to continue!! ; ) I still have been dropping by but just haven't had alot of time to post or comment. ; ( Please forgive me. ; ) This trip to the Zoo with the kids was a SUPER one!! I hope to post more of what I enjoy real soon!! ; ) Take care everyone!!

Love, smiles, happy thoughts, and sunshine to everyone!!,