Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Precious Friend

I was ready to escape to the beach with the kids today when I suddenly had a surprise visitor arrive at my house. It was my very dear 73 year old friend coming to visit me. She used to be my neighbor. When I first met her she told me that she didn't have any daughters and I told her that I didn't have my mother anymore. We agreed that instant that we would be that person for each other. She has always been so loving and caring since that first day that I met her. She went to visit me and be with me at the hospital when I had both of my children. She recently moved away to go live on a ranch with her husband and her son and his family. It turns out she now lives on a 48 acre ranch. My precious friend is now the countrygirl. I dream of having that kind of room to breathe. As soon as she walked in the door to my house she told me, "Please come and see where I live now so you can come and visit me anytime you want. She had been asking me to go for a while already so I immediately cancelled my plans and decided to follow her to her home. We had a wonderful visit. She told us that she loved us and missed us and she treated us to some ice cream. We took some pictures. She gave my kids lots of much needed hugs and kisses from a Grandmother figure and told them that she loved them as much as if they were her own grandchildren. She showed me the rose garden that her son planted for her right outside her bedroom window so that she could wake up to them every morning. She showed me where she keeps the Mother's Day card that I gave to her this past Mother's Day. She keeps it on her dresser where she can see it everyday. I will always love and care for my dear friend. She has always continued to be so wonderful to me and my children. Here is a picture of where she lives now. It's so beautiful out there! Just wanted to share this special day.

Monday, August 07, 2006

South Padre!!

The waves and the surf....just beautiful on this weekend. There were so many people at the beach. Our favorite spot wasn't so private this time but we still had a great time! The weather was perfect! It was just absolutely gorgeous everywhere you looked.

Sunset in Port Isabel, TX

I escaped to Port Isabel and South Padre for the week this time. We had a fabulous time! My daughter and I got to spend some time at the beach alone...just the girls. It was great! I later took her out to eat at our favorite seafood restaurant on the island...Blackbeard's...delicious!! School is going to be starting soon and we needed to get away. We were enjoying the evening outside and I had the camera with me and took these shots. I kind of liked these. I was wishing I could go for a sail on that boat for a while as well.